About me...

It will not surprise you that photography is my passion. I do photography as often as I can and preferably before dawn. Nature in general has my interest, but landscapes have my preference.

Especially the Dutch landscapes, because they really exist, I think it’s fantastic to photograph them as Dutch as possible, if there is one.

In addition to the often overwhelming and detailed landscape, I also enjoy working with minimalist photography. A form where the rule applies: “Less is more!”
Taking a photo is always an individual activity, but I prefer to do this activity in the company of others. Going out with a small club of fellow photographers is of course fun. But it also has a number of very valuable aspects. It is namely inspiring, motivating and, above all, very educational.

In short; nature photography has become a part of my life.

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Hans Brongers

Gaffelveld 20 | 3993 RC - Houten | Netherlands | +31653339990 | hans.brongers@planet.nl
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